Shekoofeh Azizi
Research Scientist

I am a staff research scientist and a research lead at Google DeepMind. My research is focused on developing approaches that facilitate the translation of AI solutions into tangible clinical impact.  I am particularly interested in designing foundation models for biomedical applications and I have been leading multiple major efforts in this area, including the moonshot project behind Med-PaLM and Med-PaLM 2, Google's flagship medical large language models.  I am also lead researcher of Med-PaLM M the first demonstration of a generalist biomedical AI. 

My research has been published in well-regarded journals and conferences such as Nature, Nature Medicine, Nature Biomedical Engineering, and CVPR and it serves as the cornerstone for multiple medical device products undergoing clinical trials at Google.

My research has been covered in various media outlets and recognized by multiple awards including the Governor General’s Canada Academic Gold Medal for contributions in improving diagnostic ultrasound. 

Current Highlights:

Press Highlights:

Large Language Models Encode Clinical Knowledge

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AI passes US medical licensing exam

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Interesting Engineering: 

Google and DeepMind just launched MedPaLM,
a large language model

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Asking Dr. Google Might be Faster and More
Reliable in the Future

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Google Research and DeepMind Launch an AI-Based
Healthcare Language Model

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Google And DeepMind Collaborate On the
Med-Palm Medical Chatbot

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Google’s PaLM is Ready for the GPT Challenge

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Google Releases Med-PaLM, A ChatGPT-Like
ChatBot For Healthcare

Self-supervised Learning Research

Google AI Blog: 

Self Supervised Learning Advances Medical Image Classification

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Google Research Changes the Game for Medical Imaging.

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Self-supervised Learning is a Game-Changer for Medical Imaging

Dermatology Research

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Google Launches AI Health Tool for Skin Conditions

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