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On Press:

Large Language Models Encode Clinical Knowledge

New Scientist:
Google's AI is best yet at answering medical and health questions

What ChatGPT And other AI tools mean for the future of healthcare

Advisory Board:
AI passes US medical licensing exam

Med Page Today:
AI passes US medical licensing exam

Ground Truth (Dr Topol's Weblog):
When M.D. is a Machine Doctor

Interesting Engineering: 

Google and DeepMind just launched MedPaLM,
a large language model

Mark Tech Post:

Meet Med-PaLM: A Large Language Model Supporting the Medical Domain in Providing Safe and Helpful Answers

The Decoder: 

Asking Dr. Google Might be Faster and More
Reliable in the Future

Tech Times:

Google Research and DeepMind Launch an AI-Based
Healthcare Language Model

India Next: 

Google And DeepMind Collaborate On the
Med-Palm Medical Chatbot

Analytics India Magazine:

Google’s PaLM is Ready for the GPT Challenge

Blockchain Council:

Google Releases Med-PaLM, A ChatGPT-Like
ChatBot For Healthcare

Self-supervised Learning Research

Google AI Blog: 

Self Supervised Learning Advances Medical Image Classification

Interviewed by VentureBeat: 

Google Research Changes the Game for Medical Imaging.

Interviewed by TechTalks: 

Self-supervised Learning is a Game-Changer for Medical Imaging

Dermatology Research

BBC News:
Google AI Tool Can Help Patients Identify Skin Conditions

The Verge: 
Google Announces Health Tool to Identify Skin Conditions

Financial Times:
Google Launches AI Health Tool for Skin Conditions

Google Just Revealed 3 New Features

Google Will Now Help You Identify That Suspicious Mole or Rash

STAT News:
Google Debuts an AI-Powered App to Analyze Skin Conditions

Google's Latest AI Tool Claims to Identify Skin Conditions

Google's New A.I. Health Tool Turns Your Phone Camera Into a Dermatologist

The Australian (AU):
Dr Google Will Check Your Skin, Hair

Becker’s Hospital Review:
Google Tool to Combat Frequent Misdiagnosis by Users

Google Gives a Sneak Peek Into its New AI Dermatology Assistant

Modern Healthcare:
Google to Release New AI Tool to Identify Skin Conditions.

MedCity News:
Google Unveils Tool for Checking Skin Conditions.

USA Today:
Use Google Services? These five Updates Will Make Your Lives Easier

Governor General’s of Canada Gold Medal:  

Interview with UBC News:
Shekoofeh Azizi receives Governor General’s Gold Medal

UBC Engineering News:
Shekoofeh Azizi receives Governor General’s Gold Medal

Siemens Young Investigator Award

BC Tech News:
UBC Electrical and Computer Engineering
Team Runner Up for Siemens Young Investigator Award


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